The Ultimate Life and Living Toolbox

Can A $10 Book Transform The Whole World?

Oh Yes! This one certainly can.

Imagine all the knowledge you would need to help Humankind through a transformational healing… fitted into your purse or pocket!

Mind you, this is not a holding hands and singing songs healing. This is gritty, real techniques. Lots of them! It's designed to change lives and turn us all into top scoring students of getting-along-together! It's a doctorate in love and abundance!

Who Is Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby?

Many of you have already met Dr. Keith, through his numerous health books and his entertaining, insightful newsletters. He is a member of the high IQ club MENSA.

Dr. Keith is unique among holistic MDs around the world, in that he believes the definition of true health should be widened to include not just happiness and spiritual fulfillment but also competence, social wisdom, education, relationship skills and being love-enabled.

Dr. Keith's smart little ToolBook is designed to give readers a cutting edge insight into a whole range of novel ideas that will enhance emotions, performance and outcomes! As it says on the cover: a new kind of life awaits you inside! This is a game changer!

It will also introduce you to a far greater concept of Dr. Keith's: The Science Of Consciousness and Being. He calls it Supernoetics™ (super: good or great and noetics, from the Greek word for mind and spirit). In other words, as he jokes, it's ME TO THE MAX! …Your place in the Cosmos; your role in the Great Unfolding of things; your path to profound happiness and fulfillment!

Challenge? Do you dare?

Key Points

  • It's small, light and travels well. Yet it's jam-packed with data, with the print pushed right out to the edge of the pages! That means it's great value too!

  • Overcome the "Age of Anxiety" and crush the obstacles to living a happy life. 

  • Forget 2,000 year old behavior teachings. They were no computers, smartphones, televisions, automobiles, antibiotics or  jet planes in those days! This is the 21st century! We know so much more about life patterns and emotional management… This will teach you how to get the right outcomes in life. 

  • Learn the Gentle Persons Guide To Good Behavior and live with the consideration and manners of vanished age of courtesy, sharing love, warmth and "gentleness" with those around you (and why it's important).

  • A key exercise that's so powerful it will help you spot and overcome the tendency to stand in your own way and counter-create what you want

  • Have a full refresh with a powerful mental cleansing and decompression in as little as 7 days!

  • Learn how to pattern your life using a unique set of core values that make us all accountable for our actions on earth

  • Learn why touch is The King Of All Communications and how you can use it to heal wounds, restore function and expand energy.

  • Unleash your happiness balloons and watch them float upwards here and now, today! Not sometime or "maybe" in the future or the past… Right Now!

24 dynamic chapters, covering rarely-mentioned or even revolutionary new concepts!

Clever Is The New Happiness

Dr. Keith's message is simple and stark: happiness doesn't come about through thinking positive, warm, fluffy thoughts. Happiness is not about having stuff, as people think; it's really about achievement. If you want to feel really happy, have a worthwhile destination in view and make steady progress towards it.

Happiness is not even about getting to the desired place, it's about moving meaningfully towards it.

In the words of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, "Happiness is the journey, not the destination." This is really the only definition that makes any sense, if you check it against your mental maps. Dr. Keith has one refinement that turns this pithy aphorism into a [mathematics] of happiness:

Happiness is winning in the direction you want to go. The word winning is used advisedly, because if there are no obstacles, it's no fun. But if the obstacles are insurmountable, it's no fun either. We need a Goldilocks level of challenge that's j-u-s-t right!

And you know what's exciting about this? We can choose our level of challenge; we can work with what suits us. A life without problems would be very boring, actually (the idle rich are a study in unhappiness and lethargy).

So we need both a destination and the skills to navigate our path and get there, step by step. With both in place, life is a wonderful thrill. This book is loaded with winning strategies and hacks for removing obstacles in your path.

In the meantime, extend your happiness quotient (HQ) by being more contented with what you have got so far. Nothing in the doctrine of acceptance means that you must  abandon progress or ambition; just don't stress so much about what you don't have and be more grateful for what you DO have.

Need Happy?
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A new science of the mind and spirit will bring clarity. Imagine a heap of dinosaur bones, dug from the ground. They wouldn't make immediate sense. The pile would be confusing, even if you knew it held the clues to a new animal!

An expert would have to figure it out for you: this is the pelvis, this is a thigh bone, here's the lower jaw, this is the other thigh bone, and so on… before you could understand the whole structure (skeleton).

It's the same with life and living. We all know the confusing heaps of interactions we walk with and work alongside. Most of us never get to really figure out how all the parts fit together, or what it would look like, even if we did. It stays a mystery.

Now, with this book, you get to see full structures and you will know what fits where!

Life suddenly begins to play itself out in understandable terms. We have structures for relationships; structures for intelligence and decency; structures for skills and knowledge; and lots more clarity!

Even the section titles are exciting and intriguing: The Thunder of Knowledge, The Thunder Of Competence, Fail As Fast As You Can! and Slices of Eternity!

Even in just a few pages (238) you'll find crammed a ton of hot stuff: tips, tricks, techniques and teachings that will change the way you think, feel and act.

Supernoetics™ truly has The Protocols For Change and Human Transformation™!

Get Clarity On Life!
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Learning To Learn

One of the most outrageous failures and omissions of wannabe gurus and life coaches is that they understand zilch about the psychology and mechanics of learning.

They think wearing an orange robe or shouting information at the top of your voice in a seminar will drum information into your system. It won't, of course!

But this is important, because all success is learning. You have to practice and absorb techniques for improved outcomes. It's pure study! So you can't overlook the importance of learning to successful life change and personal growth.

Supernoetics™ boasts some of the best learning methods anywhere. It's a unique approach we call embodiment learning or hermeneutic learning (nothing to do with New Age hermeneutics).

You will be introduced to aspects of this advanced creative schooling method and you'll be better for it. You can help family, especially kids. But more importantly, it will set you up for a life of learning.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Make sure you are a lifelong learner.

Hot Tips On Learning How To Learn
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Emotional Health

Learn the Supernoetics™ brilliant scale of emotional health. It will teach you why it's important to avoid those who are emotionally sick (in effect); they are toxic and you don't want them in your space.

Learn the most dangerous social level (Minus 3), unfortunately all too common these days. These are people who always present a cheerful facade, often with a nervous laugh and constant smile; they appear calm, pleasant and resourceful.

They seem to be sympathetically or morally concerned in politely asking probing personal questions about you, your work, your relationships, your sex life, your politics or your religion.

The truth is, these people are cruel cowards, they are jealous and extremely dangerous. They are highly manipulative and have no qualms about covertly twisting facts around, to knife someone in the back whenever and whenever they can.

When confronted, they change the subject to move away from the point and are always rewriting history or changing the truth about past events to suit their current position. They will do and say anything to avoid exposure.

These are sneaky or sly people you wouldn't want around (remember the character Wormtongue in The Lord Of The Rings?)

But there are lots of nice levels and great places to live, be and feel. For example, our Plus 2: The genuinely helpful and constructive active person with good personal conviction. They have a quiet sense of wellbeing and look forward to the day's activities and work. They can freely express a wide range of emotions when called for.

Although not yet a leader, not wanting to take sides, they are active people who inspire others to action. They are always willing to accept more responsibility towards a larger horizon.

They like a good standard of living. These are nice people to be with.

So, where are you on this scale of emotions and what lies just above your current position? Getting to sublime radiance may not be so smart—it may be a step too far—but to get to the next level up repays ample effort, and then you push for the next level after that, then the next…. And so on.

Know Your Emotions
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Honesty: The Surprise Tool

Honesty, a tool? Some people consider the very opposite to be their best weapon. More commonly honesty is thought of as the "luxury" option, a decorative add-on, which is the first to go when times get tough and the chips are down.

When you're up against things, you lie to get yourself out of a tight spot, surely? Well, isn't that what everyone thinks?

This fiery little book explains why integrated rational thinking is a must for BIG dreamers. Only by looking at the bigger issue is it obvious that dishonesty, lies, cheating, short cuts and negative exchange are short-term solutions at best. They cannot sustain.

Rationality and integration in all zones of responsibility really defines sanity. It is also a new and comprehensive overview of the definition of "integrity" itself.

Integrated rational thinking cannot exist without the accompaniment of honesty. Complete truth is the only way to endure and conquer because if you are misled about any aspect of your life, you are put in danger. You wouldn't want that from others; so you must not dish it out yourself.

To repeat: honesty and sanity are the same thing. Lies are madness and insanity; lies achieve nothing except in the short term and, even then, are of any doubtful merit.

Mark well the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Confidence... thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live."

Make Honesty Your Lasting Creed
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Behave To The Max!

What's better than the Bible or other scriptures? Reason and logic. It ticks ALL the boxes. You don't avoid doing stuff because some guy thousands of years ago claimed he found it written in stone on a mountaintop. You behave to the max because it's the ONLY way that makes sense.

Intelligence and pure reason tell you why you should behave in a way which intends kindness, compassion, love and companionship towards others. Forcing them to see things your way has never worked but it has killed countless millions through history.

Being able to agree with our companions and granting them the right to Be, respecting their Grace, might just save the world!

This is really all there is to morals and ethical, social behavior. Thomas Hobbes warned us in his 17th century masterpiece Leviathan, that if we didn't agree to behave well as a society, then the life of man would be, in his now-famous words: "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short".

The Life and Living TOOLBOOK has a lot to say about the logic of good behavior. It's non-denominational, so no reliance on Church authorities, aged mullahs or orange-robed gurus is needed. Dr. Keith will walk you through the spectacular medical, social, spiritual and health benefits of behaving well and doing things right!

The Greatest Good For The Greatest Number

Jeremy Bentham (1748- 1832) was an amazing British writer, who left us over 2 million words, from a time when writing was with a quill pen, often by candlelight! He gave us the technique he called felicific calculus. Bentham was a highly educated Latin-speaker—he meant counting the details to give a happiness score. He invented the concept of "the greatest good for the greatest number". This inspiring model of behaving to the max is known as Utilitarianism.

It was further promoted by his successor John Stewart Mill (1806-1873), who also suggested it might be called The Greatest Happiness Principle.

Dr. Keith is just the modern equivalent of our illustrious earlier writers, trying to argue that good makes sense; it doesn't come from above, it comes from within. His concept of multiple channels of being has some similarity to the counting method of Jeremy Bentham. These are channels to love, prosperity, abundance and therefore, of course, happiness!

Just this one chapter will change your view of life forever.

Learn The 12 Channels Of Being!
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Learn The Anatomy Of Relationships

Dr. Keith has a unique take on the way we interact together. Strange to say, neither modern psychology nor anyone's scriptures actually tackle the question of what a relationship is; what parts it consists of.
Words like "love" bandied around mean very little, until you have a model of togetherness on which to hang it!

This is where Dr. Keith's "Constellation of Accord" comes in. A constellation means a gathering of the stars, like Orion, Virgo or The Big Dipper. Dr. Keith's constellation has several bright stars that we all need to know and recognize.

In this wonderful Life and Living TOOLBOOK you'll learn the main stars for harmony and accord and why they shine so brightly.

Even more importantly, perhaps, you'll learn how to deal with what, in Supernoetics™, we call a crash of accord (crash, a breakdown, from computer jargon). You know: those horrible moments when someone isn't talking and the air is thick with anger, hurt or sadness.

The trick to dealing with this situation is quite simple, once you know it! It's like everything in life: once you have been shown what to do, it seems absurdly easy and you have to ask, "Why don't we all do this?"


"I just enjoyed the most productive few days in a very long time. In my time I have read and studied a lot of self-help books, done various courses and had a good amount of ‘counselling’. All these actions have helped me in various ways and kept me on the path of self-improvement. I now firmly believe that all this had simply prepared me for the day I opened “The Life and Living Toolbook”.

Over the last week I first scanned the contents, going back over several parts of it. I must admit that I did skip most of the exercises on the first pass, until I reached the section covering “resistance”. This really indicated to me, so I performed one of the first exercise in the book, listed my incomplete actions in a couple of areas, concentrating on those I was strongly ‘resisting’. Now I truly understand the power of what at first seemed trivial – the amount of attention that had been tied up in several long term incomplete actions was literally amazing. Completing them was the key, and the freed attention released allowed me to complete many more, almost like a chain reaction.

Following the great results from following just one of the suggestions in the book, I am very excited and looking forward to putting may attention on other areas I have been actively resisting!"

-Malcolm Bugler, Longmont CO

Shift vs. Clearing (Chapter 14)

Finally, to finish, here is one of the biggest secrets of all from Supernoetics™: the power to change thought structures!

In Supernoetics™ we are seeking shift. This is not an absolute state but an alteration in view point; we see things newly. Things have moved; hence the term shift.

Contrast that with the common New Age word "clearing", which in computer terms implies dumping everything out of the system, all gone, all nice and fresh and… well, clear. It's a good sounding analogy in the popular mode of comparing the human mind to a computer. But it's an absolute. Absolutes are un-attainable anyway.

You can Google clearing and find plenty of references to it, like Maya Cointreau's book Grounding And Clearing. Even the Feng Sui people talk now of "clearing" spaces of toxic energies.

The concept is found in Tibetan Buddhism and it is referred to by the term "clearing" in Alexandra David-Neel's beautiful 1932 book Magic and Mystery In Tibet (p. 270 in the 1971 Dover edition). The concept of clearing is also explicitly described by Freud, though not using the term as such.

However, an absolutely clear mind or a state of "clear" is demonstrably not practicable. It's a destination you can never reach.

Shift, on the other hand, comes from the flow of mind spaces. It's a new way of seeing things; specifically, a new way of seeing OLD things; how you once were becomes transformed into a new you by altered perspectives. To have that happen, things have to be deleted and what remains is then re-aligned with the new north.

Unlike clearing, shift is not the act of getting rid of "stuff". Shift is what happens as a result of getting rid of stuff.

As the term implies, shift is movement. That's how personal growth comes about; we improve how a person sees things; we improve abilities, attitudes and emotions; we handle (diminish) a person's case until he or she sheds unwanted layers of confusion, inability and compromise.

We call this guided process "piloting", like steering a craft safely to harbor. The exact techniques are not specifically described in this introductory book but it is very important to understand that such procedures are the background that underpins everything that Supernoetics™ can do for a person.

We are not gifting or indoctrinating. We are deleting the adverse energies, beliefs, postulations and attitudes which lead to a distorted viewpoint. We can't foresee what shifts the person's viewpoint will move through—after all, everyone is unique—but by removing the negatives, we restore and enhance the person's clarity and freedom of view.

Case Examples. These are shared with you in
The Life and Living TOOLBOOK.

#1. A case with a strong hatred of his deceased mother and a firm belief that, "She messed up my life; she was a bitch" within less than an hour move to, "She tried her best, I guess; there was no money, but she got us through," to "I love you Mom" (tears); I forgive you… I love you, I love you… I wish you were here…"

The case was a tough hard-hat construction site worker, weighing over 260 pounds. He sobbed for an hour after this release. That was shift! And that's how fast it can be, with our focused and efficient techniques.

#2. In another case, a woman was dealing with unhappiness about her education. She had passed an important exam but the school refused to promote her to the class above, saying she would be happier among her existing friends and being top of the class, rather than becoming a mediocre student in the stream above.

This had always irked and operated as a severe negation of her abilities as a child. Despite all, the woman had gone on to study at one of the world's leading colleges and obtained two degrees (BA and Masters). Her designs have appeared on TV and in top magazines. She was in every sense very clever at what she did.

Nevertheless, the childhood stigma and humiliation of being kept in a class below where she felt she should have been had always rankled; partly, it emerged, because she never really understood why this was enforced on her. Floods of tears were released in revisiting this time, using our techniques, showing clearly the upset was still there, some forty years later.

Yet in just one hour of skilled piloting, this woman came to realize that the misfortune she wailed about was actually a very good thing. In revisiting and discharging memories of the time, she recognized that her friends had been important and she would almost certainly have felt displaced in joining the stream above. Even more importantly, by being promoted she would have lost access to studying her favorite subjects, including the one that eventually carried her to university and an international career.

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